Stelmi Italia S.p.A.

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With more than 35 years of activity Stelmi is world leader for production volumes of cylinder tubes. With a monthly production capacity of 100’000 meters, covering the range from 25x35 mm cold drawn up to 650x750 mm hot rolled tubes, Stelmi is able to deliver Customers anywhere in the world both metric and imperial sizes.

The exclusive STELMI technology includes
8 automatic skiving and roller burnishing machines, boring machines and high productivity honing machines up to 650 mm ID.

Long term co-operation with the most advanced and prestigious steel mills allows Stelmi
to satisfy the most challenging applications.


Stelmi equipment machines the tube horizontally; the tube turns and the tool translates, carried at one end of the boring bar. Rotation and translation may be varied continuously. Machining the tube horizontally means an easier control of the tube itself from both sides and an easier positioning for long tubes. The machining operation is fully automated.


A well proven and consolidated technology that assures

  • top quality level;
  • outstanding constant performances.

A well organized and efficient service that assures:

  • good planning
  • well respected delivery terms
Application fields