Stelmi Italia S.p.A.

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Qualität und Prüfung


Forschung und Studien

IThe internal Technical Department is an essential part in the study and design of more and more sophisticated machinery and equipment, in their execution and testing.
A highly equipped company department work full-time in research.

The quality control

Stelmi has its own laboratory, in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, able to carry out controls on the working solutions, analyses of the structure of chromium film, of roughness and of corrosion resistance, etc..


The company works with a System of Guarantee obtained in March 1996,
the Certification of Quality System CISQ / RINA 342/96 IQNET ISO 9002, until it has become ISO 9001:2015.
All Stelmi products are provided with certification according to UNI EN. Upon request, Stelmi can adapt the controls to the customer's specific request, issuing the relevant certificates.

The controls on the final product are part of the Quality Assurance System that involves the entire company management, with special attention to the incoming material and the manufacturing process.