Stelmi Italia S.p.A.

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Research & Development

R&D Stelmi department has always had a key role in the company organizational structure,  suffice to say that all production lines have been totally designed and realized in this department.

The machineries designed by Stelmi chrome bars by using an innovative technological closed loop know-how for involved fluids.
Stelmi chrome plating process is made with innovative chromium catalyzed baths and it is continuous : bars are guided through the chrome plating machine with a translational and rotating movement.


Thanks to the exclusive chromium plating process, besides guaranteeing an excellent chrome layer uniformity, Stelmi has reached new goals on corrosion resistance. With the Hiperchromium technology, developed in-house by its R&D department, Stelmi has been the first company able to guarantee 200 hours of corrosion resistance in NSS rating 9, 500 hours and 1000 hours rating 10.

Talking about technical development we have to mention INFINITY 500.  With this product Stelmi has made a step further, with just 20 µm we can give you a product that resists 500 hours rating 10 in NSS.

R&D department has not stopped,  they are currently working to improve product quality and make the whole process more environmentally sustainable.
Next step? Stelmi is trying to produce bars with the same characteristics of chromed ones but without using the hexavalent chrome.

Research & Development