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Conselhos e advertências

The chromium plated bars, especially if not induction hardened, can easily be damaged and are, therefore, delivered protected by packaging means like cardboard tubes or plastic sleeves. Each of these means has advantages and disadvantages but all of them offer, in any case, a limited protection; it is therefore necessary to follow several cautions while handling the product between the production and the final machining.

Whenever possible, use the bridge crane to load or unload the bars.

During handling, always carry the bars bundles with canvas or plastic belts; never use steel chains or similar means.

Either on the ground or on a truck it is good practice to interpose wooden timbers between bundles; the direct contact is avoided and the hanging up operation with the bridge crane becomes easier.
Thick, well placed wooden boards are absolutely necessary if the handling is carried out by lift truck.
The lift truck forks must be lined with wood or, better, with plastic material like Vulkollan.

Even if the chromed bars are inside their packaging, every surface of benches, racks, vices that may come in contact with them must be lined with material like Vulkollan or, at least, wood.

During welding, the chrome must be protected against liquid metal drops and overheating.


Never use cutting emulsions containing water unless you remove the plastic sleeve immediately after cutting; the emulsion can be trapped in between the plastic sleeve and the bar causing corrosion.This procedure is valid not only for cutting but machining operation as well, when this one is carried out leaving the plastic sleeve on in order to protect the chromium plated surface.

During cutting, leave the bar with its protective sleeve on and cut dry or, better, using pure lubricating oil; this is the way to obtain the longest life for the blades.The lubrication systems based on synthetic nebulised products are also very good.

The chromed bars must be kept in a dry place not directly exposed to the sun light; the direct contact with the floor has to be avoided. Beware of the risk of corrosion! Polluted atmosphere or salty air are corrosive!

In the UTILITY section the following tutorial video are available:
Packaging: how to remove it link
Handling: our tips link

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Desde 2001 Stelmi é líder incontestado em termo de resistência à corrosão de barras e tubos cromados.

A técnica HIPERCHROMIUM, de facto estabeleceu novos estândares no setor:

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200, 500,1000 horas de resistência à corrosão em Neutro Salt Spray (NSS conforme a norma IS09227) com rating mínimo 9 (conforme a norma ISO 10289).
Uma primazia tecnológica que muitos pretendem alcançar sem êxito. Depois mil provas, efeituadas nos nossos laboratórios de qualidade e nos laboratórios independentes e também nos clientes mais de prestigio, se firmo a fiabilidade, sem iguais, de uma tecnología capaz de conferir uma elevado resistência à corrosão com uma constância de rendimento que pode garantizar a máxima fiabilidade.

A tecnología HIPERCHROMIUM desenvolve-se no departamento R&D Stelmi: mais de 35 anos de know-how tecnológico específico, orgulhosamente MADE IN ITALY.

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