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Errore di forma

IIt indicates how far is the bar section from a perfect circle. In case of machining performed by peeling and then centerless grinding the type of error comes out to be something like what is shown in the picture (triangularity error). It is remarkable that the diameter Dremains constant everyway it is red, although the drawing consists of three arcs. The value of the out of roundness is given from the difference ?r between the radius of the circumscribed circumference and the one of the circumference inscribed in the real picture.The value ?r is measured with a dial gauge.The out of roundness after peeling induces during the centerless grinding a triangularity error on the bar.

Stelmi guarantees an out of roundness within a half of the specified tolerance field.


Errore di Rettilineità

The out of straightness is measured placing the steel bar under examination on two bearings; making the bar turning over 360° we shall read with a dial gauge the maximum deflection of the point placed on the upper generatrix of the section under examination. The indicated value must be divided by two. The measuring length is given by the distance between the chosen section and the closest bearing. The deflection of the bar is usually expressed in mm. for 1000 or 2000 mm of the bar length. The straightness of a chromium plated bar should always be better than 0.5/1000 mm.

Stelmi guarantees an out of straightness less than 0.5/2000 mm.

Application fields

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Since 2001 Stelmi is world leader in corrosion resistence of its chrome bars and tubes.

The HIPERCHROMIUM technology has established new standards in the fluidpower industry:

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200, 500 and 1000 hours of corrosion resistance in Neutral Salt Spray test ( in compliance with ISO 9227 standard) with a minimum rating ) ( according to ISO 10289 standard). A technological milestone than many companes still try to reach.
Thousands tests in our quality laboratory confirmed by indipendent laboratories and by the most prestigious Customers around the world proved the reliability of this technology.

The HIPERCHROMIUM TECHNOLOGY is fully developed in our R&R Department: more than 35 years of technological know-how, proudly MADE IN ITALY.

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